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Premium end-to-end cybersecurity solutions and technology infrastructure management that empowers wealth management firms to leverage technology with full confidence. 

What We Do

Smart, proactive technology solutions.

Wealth Management Cybersecurity

Tailored, cutting-edge security solutions based on ZeroTrust principles that safeguard your business. help you meet compliance requirements, and bring you peace of mind.

IT Management for Financial Services

Infrastructure management and white glove help desk support built to function like an internal branch of your organization, just without the salaries, benefits, and sick days.

Here to Help You

Create awareness and eliminate blind spots.

Hackers are smart. They know how to get past typical security measures, mimic safe software, and phish your employees. And they continue to evolve. This is why we leverage ZeroTrust principles. By creating a cyber-stack that touches all parts of your technology infrastructure, we not only monitor, but intervene to stop attacks before they happen. Not just detect them after the fact.

  • See Everything

    Our approach to cyber security gives you a big picture view of your attack surface. We identify weak points, uncover attempted intrusions, and fortify your business in a custom fashion.

  • Find More

    We stay on top of emerging security technologies and trending attack methods. This knowledge and insight informs our practices and solutions ensuring our clients receive the most advanced security methodologies available.

  • Verify & Prioritize

    Our process for securing your business includes building a whitelist of accepted domains and applications. This tailored list of vetted connections and processes ensures your business runs smoothly and safely.

  • Fix Faster

    Our state-of-the-art security methodology includes 24/7 monitoring and intervention. We will know and respond immediately if there is any questionable activity on your systems ensuring no damage occurs.

Who We Are

The experts behind your security

Alles Technology was founded with partnership and collaboration at its core. Our goal is to become a trusted contributor to your business’ success. We strive to create solutions and methodologies that eliminate downtime while facilitating efficiency, profitability, and peace of mind. We combine our technical expertise with state-of-the-art technologies and impeccable customer service to deliver an incomparable security experience your business can’t do without.

Why Choose Us

Cybersecurity overkill without the business interruption

Whether you’re a SMB or major corporation, our goal is to deliver enterprise-level cybersecurity solution that best meets your needs. Our battle-tested processes and protocols scale quickly and easily to meet your organization’s specifications.

Seconds for Alles Technology to intercept email and analyze messages for threats
< 60
Large attachments supported with our email encryption system
0 GB Max
Blocked daily phishing attempts on average per client
Historic breaches on the Alles Application Whitelist -- our unique approach to anti-virus detection

Solutions tailored to your industry's need


Alles Technology specializes in working with RIAs and keeping their computers, network, and servers secure. Through our strategic partnerships with compliance management companies, Alles is always in the know to ensure we’re always accommodating the needs of our clients from the perspective of the SEC.

Alles Technology began as a company that focused on RIA security. After studying OCC regulations, we bridged the gap to be able to extend a hand to all of financial services.

Working with a variety of insurance brokers, Alles Technology understands the importance of protecting PII and working with your teams to ensure your clients can trust you with their data and insurance needs.

Having worked with dozens of law firms with varying specialties, Alles Technology is familiar with all of the common tools leveraged in the legal field and can easily assimilate to your networks for an elevated white-glove experience.

Working with Lacerte, UltraTax, TaxDome, etc. Alles Technology understands tax and accounting needs better.

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How Alles Technology Benefits Business

State-of-the-art cybersecurity technologies

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) block known and unknown threats always keeping your system safe at all times.

24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

Trained cybersecurity experts monitor your system’s activities 24/7 evaluating incidents and investigating incidents before a breach occurs. 

Alles Application Whitelisting

Clients are protected with our “guilty until proven innocent” approach to verifying businesses and applications allowed to interact with your system. Each list is customized to your company’s specifications.

Alles Mail Protection

Removing viruses before they arrive keeps your inbox safe. Our security stack also allows you to review any suspicious messages in a secured sandbox environment.

Phishing Simulation & Training Program

Our dark web monitoring aids in uncovering any compromised credentials while our cybersecurity awareness training regularly tests employees’ security acumen with true-to-life phishing scenarios. 

White-glove Customer Service

As your partner, we give you top of the line, all-inclusive customer service and helpdesk support. We communicate directly with you. No chatbots, no tickets.


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