The CyberStack: Deny-All Policy Protection

Can you afford NOT to invest in effective cybersecurity?

It’s all about the stack.

A CyberStack is a collection of security tools that are layered together to create cybersecurity infrastructure.

Cybersecurity service is the expert monitoring and management of the CyberStack.

Application Whitelisting:

Application whitelisting is a practice of verifying every program that runs on a computer against a list of approved programs. If a program is not on the list, the program will be unable to run. This practice essentially eliminates every risk of a program compromising a computer system.

In practice, users will experience an error should a program be denied access to an unknown or unapproved program. We prompt a pop-up for the user to request a manual review of the program to be added to the whitelist in the event of a deny. While frustrating at times, this is one of the most-effective security measures we implement. Our team of cyber experts monitors these requests 24/7 and usually reviews and approves requests within 15 minutes.

Application Ringfencing

Application Ringfencing ensures that programs cannot access other programs to cause harm. For example, if a link in a Word document was maliciously crafted to open PowerShell to make changes or encrypt computer data, application Ringfencing would deny Word’s ability to open PowerShell as it naturally would not make sense for Word to need access that program. To the contrary, policies are made to allow accesses to programs that do make sense, such as Outlook being able to open Chrome for users to view links featured in emails.

Ever wonder how your IT infrastructure would holdup against a cyber attack?

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