The CyberStack: ZeroTrust Software Firewall

Can you afford not to invest in effective cybersecurity?

It’s all about the stack.

A CyberStack is a collection of security tools that are layered together to create cybersecurity infrastructure.

Cybersecurity service is the expert monitoring and management of the CyberStack.

Local Area Network (LAN) ZeroTrust:

Unlike a traditional firewall, the Alles Technology ZeroTrust Software Firewall is designed to shield your devices from threats both inside and outside of your network. When connected to our lightweight agent, your device will be completely hidden from the devices around you. Even your printer will be unable to connect to your computer unless specific exceptions are written for your device. This ZeroTrust approach eliminates the risk of an external actor breaching your network and attempting to gain access to your device and data.

Cloud-Managed Firewall:

Firewalls are an effective and necessary network security measure. However, the problem is that most firewalls are physical traffic-inspecting devices that live at the office. The Alles Technology Software Firewall is a cloud-managed solution that travels with the device, ensuring network security is always maintained from anywhere in the world.

Maintaining a cloud-base software firewall is especially beneficial for companies that employ remote workers. Traditionally, remote workers do not have access to the company’s network security infrastructure given that the firewall resides at the office. This leaves company data vulnerable. With Alles Technology, network security resides on the device, not at the office, creating a more-secure way for employees to work from anywhere.

Download Filtering:

On top of rigorously filtering network traffic, we pay extra-special attention to downloaded files that could maliciously effect a computer system. The Alles Technology Software Firewall routes all downloaded content through fifteen leading antivirus scanners to give you confidence that your downloaded files and programs are free from malware.

Ever wonder how your IT infrastructure would holdup against a cyber attack?

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